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Magic Bum was created by Aja Henderson after months of struggling with her own son's diaper rash. His newborn skin was so sensitive that he pretty much constantly had a rash. Despite using disposable and cloth diapers and wipes, changing him more often and less often, trying just about every rash cream on the market and numerous natural remedies, nothing seemed to work. The poor little guy never went more than 2 days without a rash while using a rash cream at every diaper change, and never more than 2 diaper changes without one. The rashes were often complicated by yeast which made things even harder to treat. His diaper area was nearly always covered in thick creams and petroleum jelly which she knew had to be uncomfortable. Plus the thought of smearing chemicals all over the most sensitive parts of his body did not sit well either. Several people told her not to worry, that babies just get diaper rash and to let it go. But that was unacceptable. There had to be a way for him to have a healthy bum - and that way had to be without chemicals and petroleum jelly.

With a masters in chemistry to aid her in her research, Aja went to work reading about every natural diaper rash remedy she could find. It took some time and a little bit of trial-and-error but she eventually came up with a formula that worked. Not only did her son's regular rashes go away, but so did the yeast. Her son's bum went from chaffed and red to soft and pink. For the first time in his young life, he was finally rash free. But this formula was different than any product on the market. It wasn't a cream or an ointment, it was a mix of natural oils. The best way she could find to package a product like that was in a spray bottle.

After about 2 months passed without any rashes, Aja's husband started encouraging her to sell the product. "But who would buy it?" she asked. "Parents who are having the same problems we did!" he replied. It was then she realized that her product may help more than just her baby.

And so we give you Magic Bum. A patent pending mix of natural oils to soothe and treat the skin in ways that other products can't. Our mission is to help every baby have a happy, healthy bum. We hope you'll join us.